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Lock Repair CalabasasThere are many reasons why a lock may need repair. You may have a faulty lock mechanism, your key won’t turn the knob to unlock the door, the lock is frozen or stuck, the lock has become loose, and/or many other reasons. Fortunately, most minor problems can be corrected before they get out of hand. It’s better to fix something small rather than something big. Therefore, it’s best to call a locksmith with any problem you’re dealing with. Because Locksmiths got it covered for you.

How Can I Know When My Lock Needs To Get Repaired?

The only way to know for sure that your lock needs to be repaired is when you insert the key but the lock is not opening. Also, when you put the key in and it feels like it’s jammed, the key gets stuck and you have to wiggle it out of the cylinder.

I Close The Door But It Won’t Lock Properly.

Nine times out of ten, it has to do with the lock itself. Usually, when the lock doesn’t latch properly, it is because the strike plate is out of alignment. You would have to take apart and re-install the lock to see the mistake. Therefore, it’s better to contact a locksmith who will diagnose the issue and solve it quickly!

Locksmith Calabasas has professional technicians that will be able to provide the service and make the lock work like it’s brand new. We even specialize in high security locks that require more time and work to fix. With that said, we service different types of locks such as:


Lever Handle Locks

Push Bars/ Panic Bars

Sliding Door Locks

Keypad Locks

24 Hour Lock Repair Calabasas

To be fair, some locks are not repairable when they get to a certain amount of damage, so the best thing to do in that case would be to replace the lock. But then again, locksmiths are able to fix just about anything.  Your best bet is a 24 Hour Locksmith who is available for any lock repair service you need. So give Locksmith Calabasas a call today at (818) 674-4078. The quote is free!