How To Prevent Small Business Break-Ins

small business break-insIt Affects Small Businesses Especially Hard

Both big businesses and small businesses all have that worry of break ins or security breaches. The only difference is the scale of protection, but it hits small businesses that much harder. For example, a small business might suffer losses that are so tremendous that it could shut them down permanently. As for big business, it might not break them but they’ll still feel the loss that is a security breach. Therefore, it’s beneficial to know how to avoid small business break-ins so your company doesn’t suffer the same fate. We’ll look at how surveillance technology has progressed and then go into the ways you can avoid small business break-ins at any cost.

New Technology These Days

The advancement in digital surveillance and computer technology has come a long way in such a short time. In the past, there were video camera security systems that were very pricey, big and bulky which looked quite unattractive. Most of the time, one of the cameras would go out and cause large lapses in the security feed. Plus, the video captured was grainy and it was hard to make out details. They were also limited to a closed-circuit channel that was a hit or miss on recording footage.

Nowadays, the camera systems are very small and not even noticeable anymore when they’re placed around town. The internet and satellites have made it so that we can receive a live picture on our cell phones. This footage can be streamed and recorded on a small memory card which eliminates bulky tapes or hard drives that take up lots of space. With all this new technology, the consumer benefits all around because the price has dropped dramatically.

Now, a company does not need to pay a third party to monitor their business. Because the technology now lays in the palm of their hand and is saving them money every second. With this in mind, here are some ways in which you can avoid small business break-ins without breaking a sweat.

small business break-ins1) Hire Security Monitoring Companies

If you have the time to research and do all the foot work in finding the best system that fits your business, more power to you. Nowadays, it seems like there are tons of companies that will offer to monitor your business for you. These are great if you don’t have the staff or budget set up for monitoring.

Depending on your budget, most security monitoring companies offer around the clock video surveillance and hourly patrols by trained guard.

Additionally, these hourly patrols done by security guards offer armed or unarmed patrols. They also offer K-9 units as well. Ultimately, this type of security is very effective at preventing small business break-ins and deterring theft.

However, this highly effective and popular means of defense comes with a large price tag. Your monthly fees will vary depending on your needs and location.

2) Do-It-Yourself

As mentioned above, you now can monitor your business and property on your cell phone. When you check the pictures from these devices, the high resolution images are so clear that details that were blurred before have become crystal clear and are a huge help in aiding the police to arrest intruders.

locksmith calabasas (818)674-40783) Call a Locksmith

People have always used Locksmiths to secure their businesses and homes for years. They are trained to assess your situation and supply you with the best quote that fits your needs and budget.

Additionally, Locksmiths stay on top of the latest technology updates and equip themselves with the knowledge to ensure your business and possessions are protected. Their skills not only provide protection from small business break-ins, but they work within your budget.

Calling a professional will give you the peace of mind that you have done everything in your power to prevent and protect yourself and your property as well as provided a safe environment for your employees. We believe that peace of mind should come at no cost.

AA 24 Hours Locksmith Calabasas has served the Ventura County area for over nine years and works hard every day to secure your property from intruders. Call in today and get a free estimate over the phone to see what security will work best for your business.