18 Common Home Security Mistakes That Leave You Vulnerable

home security mistakesNo matter where you live, home security is an important part of being a homeowner, and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

One wrong move and you could put your family and your belongings at risk.

Here are 18 common home security mistakes that leave you vulnerable to theft and burglary.

  1. Leaving The Back or Front Door Open

    • Leaving the back or front door open leaves you vulnerable to attack. Therefore, it’s essential to get yourself into the habit of locking your doors each time before you leave.
  2. Hiding The Keys Outside

    • As tempting as it may seem, hiding your keys under the front door mat is actually dangerous, as burglars are usually privy to check these places first before they raid your home. Make sure to keep your keys with a friend or neighbor to be absolutely sure of their safety.
  3. Bushes that are Too Tall and Hide Potential Criminals

    • I happen to have this problem, as the bushes outside my house provide an easy hiding place for potential criminals. When the bushes outside a house are too tall, they become an easy way for criminals to hide and gather intel on your property. To solve this problem, be sure to trim the hedges down to a height where you can see the top of a parked vehicle easily.
  4. Belongings Visible from the Outside

    • Some houses have open windows which let you look inside the house easily. If there is no protection, then anyone can look inside and see if there are any valuables to be taken. If you are in this situation, make sure to plant a tree or some bushes in your front yard in order to obscure their field of vision. You can also order blinds to adjust the amount of light that enters your home.
  5. Leaving a Side Window Open

    • This one is pretty self-explanatory, but when people get too comfortable, those side windows tend to stay open indefinitely. And chaos is bound to ensue. Keep your side windows closed, people.
  6. Leaving Any Windows Open

    • A burglar does massive amounts of planning before he/she enters a house, so if he/she sees you keeping the windows open for long periods of time, you can be sure that they’ll take advantage of it when you leave. Therefore, it’s best to keep all your windows locked as any one of them could leave you vulnerable to attack.
  7. Failure To Maintain The Security System

    • The security system is our lifeline, our first line of defense against a burglar attack. We tend to take it for granted if we’ve had one for many years. Therefore, you need to maintain your security system as much as possible so that it works when something does happen. Regularly updating it once a month will go a long way in keeping you from making future home security mistakes.
  8. Leaving No Lights On While You’re Away

    • Now you certainly don’t want to ramp up your electric bill by keeping the lights on the whole time. But leaving at least one or two lights on around the house while you’re away will help deter burglars who think that now is the time to strike.
  9. Installing Cheap Locks

    • While your lock may not LOOK cheap, don’t think you can fool a burglar into thinking that your lock is impenetrable. You don’t want to come home and find most of your things stolen simply because you decided on a cheaper lock to save some money.
  10. Leaving Ladders on the Side of Your House

    • Ladders are very useful when you want to work on the roof or a second-story window. However, they become a huge liability if you leave them out on the side of your house for all to see. Burglars will try any tactic to get into your home, and by leaving the ladder outside, you give them another tool to get into your home even faster. Therefore, don’t give burglars another reason to stick around. Stash the ladder away in your garage or shed just to be sure.
  11. Announcing your Plans on Social Media

    • It may feel great to tell all your friends where you’ll be going for summer vacation this year. But what you may not realize is that an alarming number of burglars use social media as well. And if they find out that the Jones family will be away in Singapore for the summer, guess what they’re going to do while you’re away? Hence, it’s best not to announce your location over any social media channels. Especially location-sharing apps such as Facebook and Instagram.
  12. Leaving the Garage Door Ajar

    • Never leave your garage door open. If it is time to leave work in the morning, you must keep your garage door closed. Burglars are known to ‘slip through the cracks’ and find the smallest entryways into a house. So don’t give them an opening, no matter what!
  13. Not Locking Both Locks when you Leave The House

    • When you leave the house, make sure to lock both the top lock and the bottom lock. Many people just lock the top single-cylinder deadbolt and don’t bother about locking the bottom one. Not only does that make your door less secure. But it’s also a bad habit that could easily lead to a break-in if you’re not careful.
  14. Having A Big tree Near The Window (for a second-story apartment)

    • Having a big tree near your house may seem nice, but if you live in a two-story apartment, the risk is clear when you and your family leave on vacation. If you can easily climb it, the tree could pose a huge risk to your home unintentionally. Therefore, make sure to lock all your windows on the second story of your house before you leave.
  15. Using Inexpensive Window Locks

    • Take the giant tree from the previous example as evidence for this lock and key sin. If you want to keep the tree in your front or back yard, then maybe it’s time to buff up your window locks a notch.
  16. Not Having a Security System

    • A security system is supposed to protect your home from intruders when you’re at work or sleeping. However, there are people who own a home and yet, don’t have a security system. Maybe it’s too expensive or they’ve never needed one before. Whatever the case may be, having a good security system in your home can go a long way in keeping you and your belongings safe indefinitely.
  17. Thinking It Won’t Happen To You

    • You may think you live in an okay part of town, but the statistics on home security mistakes beg to differ. NeighborhoodScout reports that the crime index in Los Angeles is 14, with 100 being the safest. This means that, despite the overall decrease in property crime over the last 20 years, Los Angeles is still one of the most dangerous cities in the nation. Still think it won’t happen to you? Avoid making more home security mistakes and talk to a residential locksmith about upgrading your house locks and security system ASAP.
  18. Not Being Part of the Neighborhood Watch

    • Joining the neighborhood watch doesn’t just help you know who’s skulking around your community at night. It also lets you talk with your neighbors about how they keep their residences safe from burglars and what security systems they use to stay safe.

Avoid More Home Security Mistakes With Locksmith Las Vegas

Regardless of where you live, home security is important to consider and shouldn’t be overlooked. For more ways to avoid making home security mistakes on your property, contact AA 24 Hours Locksmith Calabasas today.