Residential Locksmith Calabasas


Residential locksmith Calabasas is a full service locksmith company that focuses on the residential sector of the city. We help people with many different services including house lockouts, duplication of home keys, lock rekeys, etc. All of these services are performed by our technicians that are very qualified. Over the years we have heard many stories from customers about how they lost their keys are widely needed duplicate for example. Recently we received a phone call from an elderly woman in the middle of the night. She was calling because someone had just broken into her home and she did all of the locks rekeyed. We were able to send a technician over to her location within 20 minutes of her phone call. We were done performing the service before the police had left the property. This goes to show that we are there when you need us and we get the job done in a timely manner.


Residential locksmith Calabasas only hires the best when it comes to our technical staff. All of our technicians go through an extreme background process before they are even considered for the job. If they pass the background check with flying colors then be enrolled them in our training courses. This is where they get hands-on education about locks and their mechanisms. All of our technicians are required to continue their education throughout their employment with our company due to the always fast changing lock security industry.

Our company was founded on the values of good customer service. At residential locksmith Calabasas we don’t mess around when it comes to putting the customer first. Our values for the company are integrity, honesty, and quality of service. Unfortunately there are many companies out there that gives our industry a bad name. we have set out to change this untrue stigma and are doing than one customer at a time. Give us a call anytime day or night as we are 24 hour locksmith service open seven days a week all year around. If you run into any residential locksmith needs go ahead and give us a call at (818) 674-4078 today!